We believe that the concepts of Legacy are the cornerstone to leading significant lives.  Lives that help to create a better world through embracing the values of Kindness, Compassion, Integrity and Honor.  By believing in and living these values we can reach out and touch the future by improving lives in the present.  The POWER OF LEGACY encourages one basic philosophy: TOGETHER WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

Randy Sutton Offers You…The Legacy Challenge:

The Legacy Challenge begins with a simple premise, that you cannot choose your destiny, but you will create your legacy.

Each of us possesses the ability to touch the lives of others in meaningful ways. We not only have the ability, but a deep, although often suppressed obligation to ourselves to do so. Our lives are a series of decisions, decisions that will ultimately illustrate the lives that we led. Built upon one another, they define us. Think of the countless times that your life has touched the life of another. From the schoolyard to the boardroom, to the retirement community, as your cycle of life has evolved. The acts of kindness, of charity and yes…cruelty that we are all capable of have warmed the memories of some and tormented the memories of others depending on the way that you have chosen to live your life. The Legacy Challenge is simple yet, it might prove to be the most difficult and life changing endeavor you will choose to face. The Legacy Challenge is to look inward, take a personal inventory and ask yourself “THE QUESTIONS”.

The Legacy Questions

Once again sleep claimed me as I wrestled with the “why” of my life. It seems that as age leapt upon me, I have searched over and over for the eternal meaning of my time here on the mortal plain. But it was there in the night when I was claimed by stillness then awakened from sleep that the realization came to me. I would never know the “whys” — the answers I sought would elude me always. But I knew, suddenly and absolutely, that the answers were not important in the struggle for the knowledge I sought. Yes, that became my realization: it is not the answers but the questions that are eternal. And so as night gave way to painted dawn, I wrote my questions. I hold them out to you not as a testament but as an example, for while we may share some of the same questions, each person must ask their own to seek their personal wisdom. Seeking wisdom is the most important challenge of our lifetimes and our questions are the pathway to our truths.

The Questions Of A Successful Life: Can You Answer “Yes”?

Have I loved?

Have I treated people fairly?

Have I been kind more often than cruel?

Did I believe in honor?

Was I a faithful friend?

Did I follow my dream?

Have I been loved?

Did I respect myself?

Have I shown courage?

Did I make anyone else’s life better?

Will I be remembered with fondness?

Did I treat animals kindly?

Have I had a friend and been one?

Have I helped the less fortunate?

Have I thought deeply?

Did I respect the feelings of others more often than not?

Did I fight for justice?

Have I believed in ideals?

Have I been aware of and fought jealousy?

Will I have made a difference?

Was I aware of the beauty that surrounded me?

Have I embraced change?

Did I do my duty?

What will be My Legacy?